Needed:  Salem High School Choir Sponsorship

Sarah Benjamin, SHS Vocal Instructor

This project is fully funded!

funding Goal:  $475

funding deadline:  September 30th

Our first annual choral expo here in Rockdale County is coming up and we are in immediate need of funding to cover music costs and the recent T-shirt purchase. We have ordered very simple T-shirts for both identity and school spirit for our singers.  They will be worn for UGA Day, the Choral Expo, casual school-spirit Fridays and the pops concert in May.

Many thanks to our community for making it possible to reach our goal by deadline!


Project:  Weird Science!

Nancy Turner, Lorraine Elementary - Science Lab

Project goal:  $245

NEW the first to donate!

Talk about weird science! Imagine dissecting owl pellets! What are owl pellets you ask? They are regurgitated fur, bones, and teeth that owls can not digest. By dissecting the owl pellets with tweezers in the science lab, students discover what sorts of prey that owls consume, by identifying and reconstructing the skeletons of the prey. This exciting hands-on lab experience enables the students to engage in real-world scientific investigations to learn about food chains and food webs within an ecosystem.


Project: Fiber Optic for the future

Seth Field, Rockdale Career Academy (grades 11-12, Networking - MTA: NF and Cisco)

$100 has been donated; Project Goal: $1,000

We would like to purchase four fiber optic termination kits, multiple fiber terminators, and 2,000 ft. of fiber optic cable. We will use this to provide students with hands-on training for the growing industries /careers involved with fiber optics.

Helping our students with this equipment will allow a local pool of fiber capable installers. Preferable for local businesses who deal with communications equipment, we could provide trained personnel for Work-based learning opportunities where students bring skill and experience to the business.

Typically, this unit of study is too small to account the needed supplies in one year's Networking supply budget because it is a very small domain to student certification.  But considering Atlanta’s metropolitan fiber network expansions and companies upgrading fiber infrastructures, this in itself can prepare students to enter the workforce. We will use the students’ made cable runs to connect high internet/network access with fiber (EMI/RFI) lines versus their copper lines (cat6) currently in place. This new equipment will provide hands-on training over a purpose that’s beneficial to our academy. With Atlanta being the South’s “Silicon Valley”, adding this talent to our students in IT, Construction, and Electronics will give them an extra edge.

Please help us reach our goal!  Thank you.


Make A Difference Class, Program Challenge, Flat Shoals Elementary

FUNDING Goal: $500

Update:  This project is fully funded!  Many thanks to our community partners!

About the project:  Mrs. Jones’ third grade students are getting involved and learning to make a difference in their local community.  Their project is to research the impact of $100 on a local non-profit organization. Five groups will work together to purchase the most goods to donate to a local organization in Rockdale County.  Here are the five organizations:

  • Rockdale County Animal Shelter
  • Elks Aidmore
  • Phoenix Pass
  • Resource Center for Community Action
  • Rockdale Emergency Relief Fund

Guest speakers will help students learn about their organizations and identify items needed.  Students will research and compare prices of needed items, using coupons to make the most of their money.  In addition, students will have an opportunity to shop and  purchase items.  On the last day of class, reps from each organization will come to our class for a special program where we will present our purchased items.

Why donate?  Your donation will not only help students learn about the importance of community service, but it will ultimately help a local non-profit organization as well!  Thanks in advance for your support of our class project.


Project:  Taking Students from the Text to the Theater

Dornalie Henry-Antoine, C. J. Hicks Elementary, 1st - 5th grade ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) Students

$40 has been donated - PROJECT GOAL:  $ 700

Wow!  Do you remember the first time you went to the theater?   We want to share that wonderful experience with our students.  We would like you to help us fund a field trip to the Center for Puppetry Arts Theater to see a rendition of the famous book “Martina, the Beautiful Cockroach”.  The Play is titled La Cucarachita Martina. The ESOL students will get a chance to see text come to life.

Please help us fund this wonderful theater experience.


Project: DIY Electronics for Kids

Diana Kennen, Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology (9th grade STEM Class)

Project Goal: $900

Update: $900 has been donated...another fully funded project!

The purpose of this project is to obtain 10 Raspberry Pi 2 Starter sets for use in my 9th grade STEM course.  Raspberry Pi is a low cost, small computer that can be plugged into a monitor or TV and uses a normal keyboard or mouse.  It allows students to explore computer programming and electronics in a safe and engaging environment.  This project would serve approximately 100 students and can be re-used for subsequent school years.  Students will use these microcontrollers and accompanying components in a variety of projects designed to help them learn about engineering, programming, electronics, and robotics.  Students will engage in the engineering design process to solve novel problems using the Raspberry Pi 2 system and a variety of sensors which detect temperature, motion, or distance.  Students will write code for the microcontroller in the Python programming language.


Project: Cultivating Growth

Charlotte Walton, Sims Elementary Art Club

Project Goal: $500

$10 has been donated.

I would like to beautify the outside of our school where it looks like a garden once was. I will enlist the aid of my art club scholars to assist with this project. We will paint a mural on the bricks, plant bright flowers, and possibly add a bench.  I believe my art scholars will not only find joy in completing this project, but they will feel pride from a sense of ownership in beautifying our school . When a little color/paint is added it will brighten everyone's day. This project could also serve as inspiration for future beautification projects around the school.


Project:  "Busy Bars" for the classroom

Tammy Trail, Barksdale Elementary (3rd grade)

Project Goal: $500

UPDATE:  $125 has been donated.

"Busy bars" are PVC pipes attached to the desk for students to remain active while seated at their desk.  Studies have shown students who remain active are more apt to stay engaged and focused on the task at hand.  I think this would be a great way to keep students motivated in the classroom.


Project: Salem Sports Radio

Jamie Walker, Salem High School (grades 9-12, Radio Production)

Project Goal: $500

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Our project seeks to bring live play by play action to an audience who is not able to attend sporting events but would like to listen.  Salem Seminoles Radio has launched and has the ability to broadcast live, but additional equipment is needed!  Additional production and broadcasting equipment would make it possible set up a studio without continuously having to transfer equipment.


2017-18 Academic Booster Club

The RCPS Academic Booster Club supports student and teacher recognition programs and other school system events that cannot be funded by taxpayer dollars.  These programs honor students and teachers for their achievements and service to the students of Rockdale County.  Contributions also allow the school system to promote youth leadership initiatives and to show appreciation to those employees retiring from loyal service to education.  Programs supported by the Academic Booster Club include (but are not limited to) the Teacher of the Year Celebration, the Superintendent’s Academic Awards, the Retiree Recognition Reception, the Academic Showcase and county science and social Studies fairs.  Thank you for your generous and continued support of Rockdale County Public Schools!