Thank you to the 7th Annual Teen Leadership Summit Sponsors!

Over 320 students attended the event on November 10, 2018 at Rockdale Career Academy!

 Today’s Leaders Support Tomorrow’s Leaders

Sponsor Art Supplies for the Empty Bowls Dinner

The 8th Annual Empty Bowls Fundraiser was helD on February 12, 2019 at Davis Middle

Katy King, DMS Art Teacher

The Empty Bowls Fundraiser is held each year at DMS to benefit the Rockdale Emergency Relief (RER) Food Pantry. All entry fees paid by attendees, additional monetary donations, and non-perishable food items collected at the event go to RER. Art students create an array of ceramic bowls to give away to the dinner guests as a reminder of the “empty bowls” in our community.

Goal: $500

Goal met 1/31/19 — Many thanks to our community partners!

Raz-Kids Reading A to Z

Stephanie Adcock, Honey Creek Elementary Kindergarten Teacher

Goal: $109.95


Book Fair Fun

Lisa Tolbert, J. H. House Elementary Media Center

GOAL: $400

Each semester our school sponsors a Scholastic Book Fair. While many students are able to purchase books, the majority of our students cannot.  Many of them have never experienced owning their very own book. I would like to give 20 students an opportunity to purchase their very first books with a gift of $20.00 each to spend at the Book Fair.  Please join me in making this wish come true!

“The Journey of a Lifetime Starts with the Turning of a Page.” Rachel Anders


Monet to Matisse: A Cultural Journey

Judith Washington - Salem High School - Grades 9 - 12 French teacher

Goal: $400

Students will accompany the French teacher to the Telfair Museum in Savannah, Georgia, sometime between now and February 10th, to see the exhibition featuring the French Impressionist painters from the 19th and 20th centuries in an effort to acquaint them with this genre of art and educate them about this movement and its importance to French culture during and after the Bonne Epoque. In addition, the students will learn how the impressionist painters had a profound impact worldwide, laying the foundation for French avant garde and modern art of the 20th and 21st centuries. Students will be required to choose an impressionist artist, and, upon our return, give a multimedia presentation on the artist. Students must be able to state which aspects of the impressionist artwork places the work squarely in the genre, and which aspects were unique to the artist. This will give students a bird's eye view of an important time in French history.


4th and 5th Grade Ukulele Project

Jenelle Freeman, J. H. House Elementary - Music

GOAL - $526

Goal met 1/31/19 — Many thanks to our community partners!

Last year, I created a beginner program for 4th and 5th graders utilizing the about a dozen ukuleles in our classroom.  The kids LOVED it so much!  This year, we want to take the ukulele project to the next level by ensuring that each student has their own in-class ukulele and lessons/resources through a program called Rainbow Ukulele.

Learning an instrument teaches so many important skills: the importance of practice, pacing, coordination, a sense of accomplishment, an appreciation for music of all kinds, cooperation, and reading.

Creating Interactive Notebooks

Kimberly Palmer, Gen. Ray Davis Middle - 8th grade Language Arts

Needed - $250 or donations of the following supplies:

  • Markers

  • scissors

  • card stock in all colors

  • laminating sheets.  

Interactive notebooks are a staple in the language arts classroom. Students grasp a better understanding for skills when the materials are printed, and they can write, draw or create on bright colorful paper as well as have all notes in one place in their notebook.  I utilize left side choices which is a strategy in which students can take the information taught to them on the right side of their notebook and interpret their understanding on the left based on the standard.  Some of the left side choices are bio poems, 3-2-1 summary, $5.00 summary, double entry journals, Game cards etc.  These are just a few as there are over 50 different ones that also touch on various learning styles.  In other words, there is something for ALL learners.   Students now have their very own interactive notebook that functions as a textbook which helps to foster interactive learning.  By creating their own resources, utilize the resources, and refer to their creations when needed, we are giving students their learning power back and they are becoming owners of their learning and understanding key concepts in a variety of ways that are conducive to their own learning style and not having to completely conform to a “one size fits all” type of learning.  This will help them be successful both in the classroom and out of the classroom.


Good Habits Make the Difference!

Patryce Harvey, Gen. Ray Davis Middle - 8th grade ELA/GA Studies

GOAL: $355.75 ($14.23 per copy x 25 copies on

Students in my Study Skills class have spent years developing what Sean Covey refers to as "Habits of Defective Teens".  I recently began reading his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens aloud to this class, and I can see that the book is making a difference in their attitudes and approach to learning.  I would like to purchase a copy for each of my 25 students as a gift in order for them not only to interact with the text, but to remind them of the power they have to change their own trajectory in life.

"Sow a thought, and you reap an act; sow an act, and you reap a habit;  sow a habit, an you reap a character; sow a character, and you reap a destiny". - Samuel Smiles


Project:  Weird Science!

Nancy Turner, Lorraine Elementary - Science Lab

Project goal:  $245

Goal met 1/31/19 — many thanks to our community partners!

Talk about weird science! Imagine dissecting owl pellets! What are owl pellets you ask? They are regurgitated fur, bones, and teeth that owls can not digest. By dissecting the owl pellets with tweezers in the science lab, students discover what sorts of prey that owls consume, by identifying and reconstructing the skeletons of the prey. This exciting hands-on lab experience enables the students to engage in real-world scientific investigations to learn about food chains and food webs within an ecosystem.

Special Guitars for Special Students

Jeremiah Isbell, Music, Flat Shoals Elementary

Funding goal:  $500

$25.00 has been donated.

I am starting a guitar program in my elementary school. Some of my students lack the motor skills to properly fret guitar strings. I would like to purchase five guitars and five sets of "ChordBuddy" guitar fretting devices to assist with pushing and holding down the strings. These will help the students to be successful as we learn to play our guitars. With a little modification, they can "rock out" in music class!


College Tour for Seniors - Gwinnett Technical College

Therese Owens, College Career Coordinator - Rockdale County High School

GOAL: $500

goal met 1/31/19 — many thanks to our community partners!

Students with a low Grade Point Average often feel as though there is nothing for them after graduation.  I want to provide for them an opportunity to visit a technical college and see all the programs that are available to them. There are at the least 12 programs available to students at little or no cost. Many of them are students that parents are not able to afford tuition and housing, and are not able to take their student to visit.  I have been talking with the students to help them understand that going to a technical college is just as advantageous as a 4 year college and university. They can earn just as much or in some cases more than a person with a 4 year degree. We will always be in need of construction workers, mechanics, plumbers, hair dressers, health care workers, manufacturing, and childcare. Many of these professions tie back in to one of Georgia's largest industries, Film and Movie Production. I want each and every one of our students feel and know that they can and will be successful.

Memories to Last a Lifetime!

Mary Allen, 5th Grade, J. H. House Elementary

Goal: $750

My wonderful fifth graders are heading to Rock Eagle for three days in May 2019. This will be the first time that many of my students will get to experience a trip away from their families. They will build relationships, gain independence, and learn in a natural and hands-on environment. The students cannot bring cell phones on the trip which inadvertently prevents them from taking photographs. To overcome this, I will create seventy-five 30-page photo books from Chatbooks which compile pictures from our adult chaperones’ phones/cameras. The photo books will give students a treasured keepsake from this fantastic trip! Your support is very valuable!


Make A Difference Class, Program Challenge, Flat Shoals Elementary

Tonya Jones - Flat Shoals Elementary

ongoing Goal: $500 per school year

goal met for school year 2018-2019

goal met for school year 2019-2020

many thanks to our community partners for your continued support of this project!

About the project:  Mrs. Jones’ third grade students are getting involved and learning to make a difference in their local community.  Their project is to research the impact of $100 on a local non-profit organization. Five groups will work together to purchase the most goods to donate to a local organization in Rockdale County.  Here are the five organizations:

  • Rockdale County Animal Shelter

  • Elks Aidmore

  • Phoenix Pass

  • Resource Center for Community Action

  • Rockdale Emergency Relief Fund

Guest speakers will help students learn about their organizations and identify items needed.  Students will research and compare prices of needed items, using coupons to make the most of their money.  In addition, students will have an opportunity to shop and  purchase items.  On the last day of class, reps from each organization will come to our class for a special program where we will present our purchased items.

Why donate?  Your donation will not only help students learn about the importance of community service, but it will ultimately help a local non-profit organization as well!  Thanks in advance for your support of our class project.


Taking Students from the Text to the Theater

Dornalie Henry-Antoine, C. J. Hicks Elementary, 1st - 5th grade ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) Students

$40 has been donated - PROJECT GOAL:  $ 700

Wow!  Do you remember the first time you went to the theater?   We want to share that wonderful experience with our students.  We would like you to help us fund a field trip to the Center for Puppetry Arts Theater to see a rendition of the famous book “Martina, the Beautiful Cockroach”.  The Play is titled La Cucarachita Martina. The ESOL students will get a chance to see text come to life.

Please help us fund this wonderful theater experience.


Cultivating Growth

Charlotte Walton, Sims Elementary Art Club

Project Goal: $500

$10 has been donated.

I would like to beautify the outside of our school where it looks like a garden once was. I will enlist the aid of my art club scholars to assist with this project. We will paint a mural on the bricks, plant bright flowers, and possibly add a bench.  I believe my art scholars will not only find joy in completing this project, but they will feel pride from a sense of ownership in beautifying our school . When a little color/paint is added it will brighten everyone's day. This project could also serve as inspiration for future beautification projects around the school.


"Busy Bars" for the classroom

Tammy Trail, Barksdale Elementary (3rd grade)

Project Goal: $500

UPDATE:  $125 has been donated.

"Busy bars" are PVC pipes attached to the desk for students to remain active while seated at their desk.  Studies have shown students who remain active are more apt to stay engaged and focused on the task at hand.  I think this would be a great way to keep students motivated in the classroom.


The Show Must Go On

Stephanie Tyler, Flat Shoals Elementary/Program Challenge, 5th grade Social Studies

funding goal:  $500

update:  $100 has been donated

Students will do time period and character research and apply their research to a stage production set during the Civil War era. Students will learn how to put on a theater production, from the construction and maintenance of props, designing and creating set pieces safely based on period research, synthesizing character research to performance level, working individually and within a group dynamic, publicizing a production, presenting the production to an audience, and facilitating the actualized production for community members, teachers, and other students. They will also learn about the value of helping their community by collecting donations for The Atlanta History Center to aid in the refurbishing of their Civil War exhibit.


CJH Chess Champions

Monette Lowe, C. J. Hicks Elementary, grades 2 - 5

funding goal:  $1,000

CJH Chess Champions has been developed to provide a hands-on, fun approach to teaching elementary students basic algebraic expression, critical thinking, and socialization and communication skills.  Through healthy person-to-person engagement, our students will build skills that will help them throughout their academic and social lives.  Proof comes from the doctoral dissertation of Robert Ferguson, executive director of the American Chess School in Bradford, PA.  His findings saw that students engaged in computer or chess game activities can be well ahead of other students in several psychological tests -- scoring almost 13 percentage points higher in critical thinking and 35 percentage points higher in creative thinking areas. (Parent Magazine 2001)


2018-19 Academic Booster Club

The RCPS Academic Booster Club supports student and teacher recognition programs and other school system events that cannot be funded by taxpayer dollars.  These programs honor students and teachers for their achievements and service to the students of Rockdale County.  Contributions also allow the school system to promote youth leadership initiatives and to show appreciation to those employees retiring from loyal service to education.  Programs supported by the Academic Booster Club include (but are not limited to) the Teacher of the Year Celebration, the Superintendent’s Academic Awards, the Retiree Recognition Reception, the Academic Showcase and county science and social Studies fairs.  Thank you for your generous and continued support of Rockdale County Public Schools!